How To Use The Investor's Toolkit

Opportunity Analysis

Lesser Slave Lake Economic Alliance assumes no responsibility for the use of information in the Opportunity Analysis. Prospective investors are obligated to do their own evaluation of opportunities. The Opportunity Analysis is a market study. LSLEA has not examined the capital costs, operating expenses or revenue expectations for an enterprise.

Section Two examines the economy of Alberta and the Lesser Slave Region. Both are important factors in success because 80% of RV park tenants/guests are Albertans. Alberta is growing in population, wages are high and sales of recreational vehicles are predicted to increase at 3% each year. The provincial market is robust.

Section Three examines travel volume and traveller characteristics. The information may be used to estimate total market size, establish a market share capture objective and to design products to meet market preferences.

Section Four uses economic and travel data to estimate current and future demand for commercial outdoor recreation in the Region. There is significant excess demand for RV parks/resorts and campgrounds. The case for a wilderness lodge is less certain, due to lack of information. There is significant excess demand for marina slips, boat repairs and recreation services such as guiding and boat rentals. There are opportunities for growth in off-roading, snowmobiling, cultural tourism and nature-based tourism.

Section Five ranks the candidate lakes selected for commercial tourism development. Use Table Five as an index for the complete Lakes & Locations Catalogue.

Lakes & Locations Catalogue

We have made it easy to find the right location to build your dream business. Use the Catalogue to evaluate the suitability of locations on Lesser Slave Lake and twelve smaller lakes in the Region.

Each lake is evaluated for its ability to support commercial development. The quality and characteristics of the lake and adjacent land are evaluated against the needs of a RV park and wilderness lodge.

Use the Resort Locations Catalogue to identify candidate locations for your enterprise. We recommend you visit your candidate lakes to see if this is where you want to build. When you find something you like, come and see us.

Investor's Guide to Development Processes

Municipal, provincial and federal governments have requirements for development of a commercial tourism operation. First Nations governments and Metis communities may have an interest in the area proposed for your business.

If development is on Crown Land, the requirements of all levels of government and Aboriginal communities can be handled in one process. The Investor's Guide leads you through the Alberta Tourism Recreational Lease process. If you plan to build on private land, then you will not use the ATRL mechanism, but you will follow a similar process.

We recommend you browse the Investor's Guide to Development Processes. Understanding the regulations governing development may influence your choice of which location to build on. Knowing what is expected from the start will speed the permitting process.

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