How To Proceed

Do A Reality Check

  1. 1 Are you passionate about operating an RV park/campground/marina or wilderness lodge?
  2. 2 Are you prepared to spend a minimum three years getting approvals and building?
  3. 3 Can you obtain financing?

Passion, determination and know-how are essential. Ideally, you have a construction trade and can be the building contractor. You love the outdoors and will enjoy enabling your guests to enjoy them with you. You understand the demands of a service oriented business.

You must prove for yourself that this is a good investment. The Opportunity Analysis we provide is not a substitute for a business plan. Before you start spending money, we strongly recommend that you prepare a preliminary business plan that realistically evaluates the return on investment.

Even a small RV park/campground will cost about $1 million. Add another half million for a modest marina. A wilderness lodge may be built in increments. First a few cabins to generate revenue, then a full lodge. You are looking at an investment of about $3 million for a mid-high amenity lodge.

Financing for a RV park will be easier to obtain than for a wilderness lodge. RV sites may be sold during construction, which creates a cash flow from deposits and a guarantee of revenue upon opening. Marina slips may also be sold during construction. A wilderness lodge does not have equal opportunities to earn early revenues or predict revenues.

Let Us Help You

Contact Lesser Slave Lake Economic Alliance. We will

  • Answer your questions about the opportunity
  • Assist you to select the best location for your business
  • Connect you to professional business planning assistance
  • Connect you to the agencies that regulate building of commercial recreation facilities
  • Assist you to begin the development permitting process

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