Investor's Toolkit

The Toolkit includes:

  • Opportunity Analysis: shows why recreational tourism investment in our region has a bright future
  • Lakes & Locations Catalogue: evaluations of lakes selected for tourism development
  • Investor's Guide to Development Processes: assists you through the permitting process

Links to the toolkit are found on subsequent pages. A portable drive containing the Investor's Toolkit may be obtained from LSLEA.

Five Steps to Realizing Your Dream

  1. 1 Learn more about opportunities and the Toolkit by following links through the next three web pages.
  2. 2 Review the Opportunity Analysis and use it to evaluate the viability of investment in commercial recreational tourism in the Lesser Slave Region.
  3. 3 Browse the Lakes & Locations Catalogue and imagine yourself in the picture. Use the information about each candidate lake to pick locations to build your dream.
  4. 4 Follow the link to the Investor's Guide to Development Processes. The Guide is long and it is thorough. Browse it.
  5. 5 Contact the LSLEA. We will help you pick potential locations that suit your dream and guide you through the development permitting process.

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